Property managers need to understand the existing condition of their roofing assets. The cost associated with delaying needed roofing work increases costs, as early identification and correction of defects reduces the cost of materials and labor required and reduces the probability of consequential damage to the building's interior. Many times building owners and managers are forced to re-roof a building prematurely because the cost of comprehensive repairs is no longer the most economical decision. Let us help you assess your roof.

Asset Management Roof Inspection

There is no better planning and budgeting tool than CentiMark's Asset Management program. This fee-based roof inspection is our most extensive inspection and assessment. We record roof condition information and translate it into easy to understand financial terms. We evaluate over fifty attributes on each roof section then process them through our online roof management application, which calculates the remaining serviceable life of each roof section, the cost of repairs and/or a capital budget amount. Additionally, you are provided repair/replace recommendations to help you get the most value from your roofing investments. Whether you are making decisions for a single roof or for a large portfolio of buildings, you will find all the information you need to make the right decision.

Free Roof Inspection

A visual inspection on the roof can identify defects and signs of deterioration. We will photograph defects in the roof system, observe safety-related concerns and provide a professional assessment of it's current condition.

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