Property managers need to understand the existing condition of their roofing assets. The cost associated with delaying needed roofing work can prove to be far more expensive in the long run. Additionally, re-roofing a building with a serviceable roof life that needs repairs only will unnecessarily deplete working capital. Let us help you to understand the service life of a roof and how to extend the service life of a roof.

Free Inspection

A visual inspection on the roof can identify defects and signs of deterioration. We’ll document the amount and source of debris and examine drains for proper water flow. We’ll make suggestions for safety enhancements, roof accessories, energy-efficiency and OSHA-compliance. If repairs are made, you can view before and after photos, invoices and other information on our proprietary online application.

Asset Management

This fee-based online roof management budgeting application calculates the life expectancy of each roof section, the cost of repairs and solutions to extend the life of the roofs in your portfolio. For planning and budgeting purposes to help you answer the questions of to repair or replace your roof, the program will prepare a five year capital and operating budget.

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